The time to prepare isn’t after something bad has happened. The time to prepare is before! “When you are warned that something might happen, you can more easily control the amount of stress you receive. However, if you spend your life in denial and then something happens, it hurts you, and hurts you seriously. That is why the sheep are destroyed by combat. The sheepdog, who expects the wolf and is prepared for it, thrives in the combat environment. The fog of uncertainty will dissipate when you are mentally prepared, and accept the fact that on any given day there are bad people in the world who are able and willing to hurt you.” – Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, On Combat


About Jacqueline

Jacqueline Yockey is a Certified Firearms Instructor, UT Certified CFP Instructor, Self Defense Instructor and Certified Rape Awareness and Prevention Educator, whose passion for personal protection led her to create Shoots Like A Girl, an informative site for women (and men) who have gotten, or are thinking about getting, practical and tactical about their personal protection. ACT 235 Lethal Weapons Certified Certified NRA Firearms Instructor Certified Defensive Handgun Instructor Certified Utah Concealed Firearms Permit Instructor Certified Glock Armorer Active Member of USPSA Active Member of IDPA Active Member of GSSF Active Member of NSSF
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